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Nonolet Autonomous

No drain, no problem!
The different models can all be fitted with a build in urine tank. This makes them fully autonomous. The urine tank has a capacity of 17 liters and is equipped with a led-indicator and carbon filter. The led-indicator lights up when the tank needs to be emptied. The carbon filter, developed in collaboration with Norit-Nederland, combined with a small 12 v ventilator (used at 6 v) sees to the purification of any developing odour. This toilet can be placed anywhere. Ideal for use in a boat, caravan or special care situation near a sickbed and can also be fitted with braces on a mobile platform as invalid toilet.

Nonolet Autonoom

On the left you see the ventilation system with filter on the
back of the Autonomous version. On the right the urine tank with on top the
plastic bucket assembled as they would be in the toilet.

Advantages for the user:

-Can be placed anywhere.

-Very inexpensive in use. For a house hold consisting of four people electricity cost are about 1.50 euros, on average 10-20 euros on paper towels and 10 euros on degradable bags, amounting to 31.50 euros a year.

- When used near a sickbed emptying once every week is sufficient, which is well within the boundaries of the Dutch OHSAS 'Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series' for nurses called Arbo-normen here.

Nonolet Autonoom