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Nonolet: Orders

To order a Nonolet, get information about shipment prices or about a D.I.Y. package to build your own Nonolet, please contact: deweidenatuurvoeding@gmail.com or
Do you want to build your own Nonolet, please look at 'Green Techniques' for a complete, new description of making a Nonolet out of simple materials.
The Nonolet Standard is delivered ready for use, complete with: user manual, plunger, urine drainage and ventilation system. Also included is a set of paper towels and bundle of either biodegradable or polyethylene liners for the toilet (depending on whether you want use the contents on your own compost or not), size 70x75 cm.

The smaller Nonolet Recreation is also delivered ready for use, with exception of the ventilation system. Because the toilet is used in so many varying situations a standard solution is pointless. Only a connection socket is included giving the user a free choice of ventilation systems available at your local D.I.Y. market.